Friday, August 26, 2011


This look was done by using some of the products from the new '' MAC ME OVER " Collection 

* Smoked Purple ( matte lipstick )
* Carbonized ( veluxe pearl single eyeshadow)
* Smolder ( eye kohl ) 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 So I am 26 now ?? Yea, I still have a hard time taking it in.  
I had such a beautiful birthday with my family and my father. It was just perfect !!!!!

Then I had so much fun at CHANEL school . I truly love my job and what I do. It's actually more like a hobby to me!
Just to let you all know we have a lot of great new products coming out this fall and I am so excited ! One thing that I did want to talk about is our new foundation. CHANEL never really had a wide selection of colors especially for women of color. The few dark colors they did have were discontinued a couple of months ago for the sole purpose of coming out with a vast array of colors this fall September 2011 with a better formula for darker complexions and all skin types. FINALLY !!!!! I am so happy .... Sometimes I have a very hard time finding the perfect color match for my clients and  I have to slowly break it down to them that CHANEL does not carry their color. It's sad because sometimes I end up losing that client for good.  The new foundation is called " PERFECTION LUMIERE " I gotta say its the PERFECT name for such a PERFECT foundation. I had the opportunity to try this foundation at school and I was blown away by the texture and the variety of colors. It's a a long-wear flawless fluid makeup with SPF 10, Medium to Full coverage with a luminous matte finish that feels incredible on the skin. 
Key Technology :
 * patented perfect light control complex contains hemispherical powders that bounce light to illuminate skin and correct the appearance of imperfections.
 * perfect skin Affinity complex creates lasting, comfortable wear.
 * buildable coverage - stays true for hours ( long lasting 15 hours ) 
 * oil free  
 * $ 55 
I am so excited and cant wait until September. We are having a special event for this foundation on September 30th, 2011 where you can come in and get a full makeover and try " Perfection Lumiere & 2011 fall collection "  let me know if you are interested.

ok so enough about the new foundation .......

I did a little too much beauty shopping for my birthday, got some of my old favorites and also got some new products that I have been wanting to try.

TOM FORD " BLACK ORCHID " I wanted to try this for a long time but I thought it was way to strong for me but I finally got it and thought I would wear it this fall. Its not a summer scent at all. very overpowering  !!!! I do love the name though. I love Orchids !

This actually came out recently and I instantly wanted it just because I have DKNY be delicious blossom which I love and I also have DKNY be delicious the original green apple and I thought why not DKNY Golden be delicious. Such a beautiful & fresh scent the only downside is that it doesn't last a long time . I hate when you get a perfume that you really like and it doesn't last a long time.  

 I was walking around swatching colors and fell in love with Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil  in the color " FLIPSIDE " and Stila eyeshadow in the color " KITTEN ". I heard so much about this eyeshadow that I finally got it. Im not a big Stila fan at all but the color is such a beautiful highlight color. STILA YOU WIN OK, GEEZ !!!!!! 


I ordered these two online because the JLO GLOW is discontinued and the Gucci Envy Me is so hard to find at stores especially the 3.4 oz
These two have been my favorites for a long time, I think since high school .
I know what you are thinking JLO GLOW really, so kiddish ????
Yes, I love it ! It smells so fresh and actually lasts a long time and I always get compliments. 
I will forever stay true to these two perfumes, you can never go wrong 

Just a few things from CHANEL that I ran out of and also wanted to try the 
" UV ESSENTIEL SPF 50 "  cause all my clients keep coming back for this product and I wanted to make this a staple product in my makeup routine. 

This is my 4th bottle of CHANEL " CHANCE EAU TENDRE " 
My #1 perfume of the summer .... I seriously shower myself with this stuff before work , at work and after work lol

I am not such a big fan of this mascara because I feel like it dries up in like a week or two but I still like it. I sometimes pair this up with Dior 
" BLACKOUT " for extreme volume 


Speaking of orchids these pictures were taken in Sri-Lanka a couple years ago when I went to visit. My Aunt, uncle and cousin took me to this beautiful garden called the " Royal Botanic Gardens " and it was amazing. a huge huge huge garden with loads of different types of flowers and a huge Orchid green house filled with different types of orchids.