Thursday, July 21, 2011


This look is very easy to do, Just in 7  SIMPLE steps :

1)Laura Geller eye Spackle as my primer
 (all over the lid) 
2)lightest eyeshadow color  Phloof by MAC on the inner corner of my lid and under my crease
3) Minted kohl MAC eyeliner to cut my crease ( in other words : I lined my crease ) 
4) Waternymph eyeshadow by MAC to blend the crease and to give it more of that aqua color 
5) I took the Phloof eyeshadow to highlight right under my eyebrows
6) Lined my eyes 
7) Mascara --------  Ready to go  !!!!

( Products I used ) 
* Eye spackle by Laura Geller
* Phloof single eyshadow by MAC
* Waternymph single eyeshadow by MAC
* Minted Kohl eyeliner by MAC

Picked up a few things & also found another Beaute Initiale backup woo hoooooo. Everyone keeps telling me that it's going to be discontinued soon so I have been buying a backup for my backups ha...ha ! I gotta say its the only moisturizer that works for me and I love it. Got a extra Hydramax + Active and Bleu De Chanel  for my hubby. All you men out there should
really try it , It's the sexiest eau de toilette ever! 

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