Thursday, September 15, 2011


I use to paint my nails and mess them up and end up having to do them all over again ...ughhh don't you just hate that? Couple of months ago I stumbled across Quick-E nail polish drying drops by Essie and I thought maybe I should try it and see if it really stands up to its name.  And guess what?

                                                           I LOVE IT !!!!!
Essie Quick-E- Nail Polish Drying Drops - fast drying drops accelerate the drying time of freshly polished nails. Just one drop of Quick-e on each nail penetrates and thoroughly dries polish. Quick-e drops spread evenly over the entire nail surface creating a shield that protects the polish from smudging or scratching.

It really does work!!!!! I use one drop per nail and its dries up in seconds.....ahhhh FINALLY!!!! 
I also partner this up with Seche Vite ( dry fast top coat ) just because I love the way it makes my nails look so shiny and clean ! 



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